IT Administration
made simple.

Your one-stop shop for your IT Administration & Security workflows along the employee lifecycle. Automate workflows, boost security and gain transparency.


Automate IT on- /offboarding, access approvals and zero-touch device enrollment.


Get a holistic view about your assets such as employees, identities, roles & rights, devices and apps and gain insights by connecting them.


Protect your organization and increase compliance by implementing & monitoring security controls to remediate issues directly.

Tailored to the Needs of Growth Companies

Benefit from our top level experts and IT Operations platform

Turbo charge employee productivity, streamline costs and improve compliance.

We provide expert-level security controls by default and help you to increase your posture.


is easy to implement.

integrates seamlessly with your HR & Identity systems.

saves costs & time.

creates a stellar employee experience.

increases visibility into your assets.

supports compliance requirements.

made in Germany.

Security controls ensure your systems are protected against threats and breaches. Implement and monitor controls such as security group management, regular access reviews, or approval logs.

Keep the overview & gain insights about all your assets such as employees, devices, apps, or identities in one place and manage their lifecycle effectively.

Get Compliance Ready: Set your organization up for GDPR compliance checks & audits by implementing technical organizational measures required by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act. 

ISO Controls by default: By partnering with us we implement over 20 ISO 27001:2022 Controls in your organization to streamline your certification process.

Take control over your Mac and Windows devices with API-based mobile device management (MDM) and implement security controls such as HW-level encryption or automated device patching via ZenAdmins zero touch enrollment.

Provisioning and Deprovisioning of the right apps for the right employee at the right time. All with tailored in-app roles & rights to comply with the least-priviledge requirements. Timely provisioning and deprovisioning of applications for your employees.

Just-in-time employee lifecycle processes through battle-tested operations blueprints including identity creation, resource & access provisioning, and compliant IT Offboarding.

Leverage your IT Team, Remove repetitive tasks, Improve Mean-time-to-resolve for issues

Tailored to the Needs of Growth Companies

Valerian Seither

CoFounder emmy

I only regret not outsourcing this topic earlier, hiring ZenAdmin has taken away so much of my headache. What I value most is that we have been able to streamline IT administration processes, remove IT security risks and our internal resources can now concentrate fully on our business again.

Patrick Kern


ZenAdmin quickly helped us to get tiresome IT Ops processes off my table by taking overIT on-/offboarding, application provisioning, and device security. This frees up many hours to focus on our clients.

Security has become a crucial risk for SMEs

of all German companies have experienced Cyber Attacks in 2021 with significant financial damages. Ransomware & outages have increased 358% since 2019.
Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
of SMB owners have not implemented any cybersecurity defense plan.
SMB Research 2020, n = 3,083
of all small businesses that are the victim of a data breach permanently close their doors within just six months
Cyber Security Statistics 2021
of all Data Breaches Caused By Human Error
Stanford University Research
The Psychology of Human Error
of breaches involved the Human Element, including Social Attacks, Errors and Misuse. 13% increase in Ransomware breaches—more than in the last 5 years combined.
Data Breach Investigations Report 2022
of incidents in the System Intrusion pattern involved threat actors compromising partners.
Data Breach Investigations Report 2022